The family business, Fiskarhedens Trävaru AB was founded in 1923. With its 105 employees, it's one of the biggest sawmills in Sweden. Since 1997, Fiskarheden has become a part owner of the subsidiary company, Sälen Timber. Sälen Timber processes timber mainly for the window and furniture industry. In 1999 a new high tech saw line was installed, helping to optimise the raw material and improving dimensional accuracy. since this installation, the saw capacity has increased from 85,000m3 to 330,000m3 per annum.

At Fiskarheden we are open to change and are all aiming for the same goal; to develop and improve the business. The employees overall experience and knowledge often initiate technical improvements, but are also a guarantee for high and consistent wood quality and great flexibility and service to our customers. We deliver the right timber in the right dimension and quality at the right time and place, which has created long term relationships with our customers throughout the years.

Poor soil and a harsh climate have created a slow grown timber of the highest quality with small knots, strong structure and high density. The sawn timber FISKAR, with its special colour and structure is well suited for furniture and carpentry worldwide.



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